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Rimiyoho & Mabe Fratti at Centro de Cultura Digital

Rimiyoho was invited to paint in VR for a 360 Live Painting Session at Centro de Cultura Digital in collaboration with musician Mabe Fratti as part of the activities around Björk Digital exhibition in México City.


People enjoyed the creation process of a 3D painting using Tilt Brush, throughout the performance that had a duration of 1 hour, Rimiyoho  painted a colorful jellyfish swimming in an underwater landscape that reacted to the beautiful music of Mabe Fratti that performed using a cello, vocals, and synthesizers to generate colorful and epic atmospheres.

At the end of the performance the audience had the oportunitty to try the HTC Vive headset and get immersed into Rimiyoho´s landscape and walk in it for a full experience with virtual reality.


Music by Mabe Fratti, Song: Síntoma, Careless EP

Live illustration and animation using Tagtool for iPad.

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