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Future Biosphere · National Taichung Theater

I was invited by Escher Tsai to be part of the T.A.P Project 2022-2023 taking place in the National Taichung Theater exhibited from January 6 to February 5.

The National Taichung Theater located in Taipei City, Taiwan, is the world’s first building with a main structure supported by 19-meter-high curved wall structure that creates an immersive visual experience space.

I was asked to develop a 15 minutes mapping inspired by the concept of a post-human era where humans have mastered the power of quantum transcendence, machines learn by attaching themselves to human structures, collecting huge amounts of data for analysis, and then creating and existing.

It was a great and exciting challenge to work on my first solo exhibition about mechanical creation, divine inspiration and natural bionics, I created 9 colorful dreamlike scenarios that invites people into a journey through imaginative stages of the evolution projected on the beautiful organic architecture designed by japanese architect Tooyo Ito.

All the visuals were drawn and animated by hand using Tagtool and working together with Austrian OMAI team to bring this experience into a large format.

The music for this audiovisual experience was done by my friend and musician Arturo Vieyra that created customed songs to give life and soul to the scenarios.

t was reat to have the expertise of the OMAI team to collaborate on an exhibition that was created between Mexico and Austria and then projected in Taiwan. 

Curated by Escher Tsai.

Produced by Dimension Plus.

Thanks to the theater and everyone that made this possible!

For more info visit: NTT

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