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Technical Setup


· Setup time: 60 min. Disassembly: 30 min

· Rain protection must be provided for outdoor events.

· The performance duration is 1 to 2 hours.


Drawing Station


· Area required: 1 m2

· Rimiyoho has all the tools required to perform: iPad, projector (2500 Lumens), VGA (15 meters) Lightning to VGA Adapter and iPad stand.

· Drawing station must be visible to people so they have an up close view of how everything is done.

· Voltage regulator or surge suppressor is necessary to protect devices and prevent voltage interference.


Projection Surface


· Buildings, walls or structures with white matte surface are ideal.

· Dark or reflective surfaces are not suitable.

· The projection surface should be free of direct light from street lamps or other light sources that interfere with the projection.

· 20,000 lumens projector or big screens (not provided by Rimiyoho) are ideal for large scale indoor or outdoor events.

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